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What Are Enduro Bites?

Not surprisingly, I’ve been asked this a lot lately. 

Enduro Bites are an all-natural, gluten-free food developed with extensive feedback from world-class endurance athletes to maximize performance, be easy to eat, and taste great. 

If you think about it, maximizing performance, being easy to eat, and tasting great are the cornerstones for any endurance food. If you take away any one of these attributes you’re left with something that just doesn’t measure up.

We only use all-natural, real-food ingredients free of common allergens to avoid the digestive issues all too common with traditional energy bars, gels, and chews — because you can’t perform your best when your stomach is in a knot. Enduro Bites are also easy on your blood sugar, so you won’t experience the wild fluctuations you do when consuming products loaded with refined sugars. The result is stomach-friendly, long-term energy.

The melt-in-your-mouth texture and smaller, easier-to-eat serving size are more appropriate for athletes while training. Simply rip open the wrapper, grab a 100-calorie piece, and put the rest back in your pocket, all while never letting off the gas. After all, you can’t always afford to wait until you reach the summit before eating. At the same time we also followed our athletes’ feedback and increased the total nutritional content to 400 calories per package to fuel serious training sessions.

Enduro Bites’ taste speaks for itself. We’ve selected the highest quality ingredients to create the best tasting performance food. Don’t be surprised if you end up craving one of our great flavors for dessert. Dark Chocolate Espresso is my favorite.

All this talk is meaningless in the long run, however. What’s important is how well Enduro Bites work for you. Put them to the test during your training and let me know what you think.

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