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Heart Health & Beta Red

February is American Heart Month so its a great time to talk about how Beta Red Pre-Workout Formula can improve your cardiac health. Freeze-dried beet juice powder is one of the main ingredients in Beta Red. While we include this for it's performance-increasing effects, research also shows a glass of beet juice can reduce signs of inflammation in cardiac blood vessels. These blood vessels are known to be increased in people with coronary heart disease.

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Before, During, and After Nutrition for Indoor Training

By Brian Maslach It’s the time of year when many of us resort to indoor training to avoid frigid temperatures. Since indoor workouts are typically shorter, and often more intense, it makes sense to do everything possible to get the most from these abbreviated sessions. Whether you are Zwifti'ng, strength training, or doing some other workout inside, dialing in your before, during, and after (BDA) workout nutrition will help you get the most out of your training time. Since many of us perform indoor workouts first thing in the morning, peri-workout nutrition becomes even more important. I'm not a morning person, so it's critical that I prepare everything I need to start training the day prior to give my half-asleep brain fewer excuses to skip working...

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Meet Our Newest Ambassador: Erin Osborne

There’s been a recent resurgence in women’s mountain bike racing and Erin Osborne is part of the new wave of talented elite female XC racers. We're excited to announce Enduro Bites is now her official nutrition sponsor.  Thanks for taking the time to tell our followers a little about yourself, Erin.

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Hard Park: Gravel4Graham

South Park, Colorado is an area most people drive through to reach ritzy ski resorts and other mountain destinations. It's the size of Delaware, yet only has a few paved roads (the 2-lane highways intersecting it). And while I don't have official numbers, I'm fairly certain bison outnumber human residents. It also happens to be a awesome place to ride a gravel bike!

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Beta Alanine & Beta Red

We spent more than 18 months developing Beta Red. Our goal, as always, was to develop nutrition to help you perform better and reach your goals. This week, we're exploring the three key amino acids present in Beta Red that help improve athletic performance. The three amino acids we'll focus on are Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate, and Betaine. In this first segment, we'll cover Beta Alanine.

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