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Heart Health & Beta Red


Heart Health and Beta Red - BEETS

February is American Heart Month so its a great time to talk about how Beta Red Pre-Workout Formula can improve your cardiac health.

Freeze-dried beet juice powder is one of the main ingredients in Beta Red. While we include this for it's performance-increasing effects, research also shows a glass of beet juice can reduce signs of inflammation in cardiac blood vessels. These blood vessels are known to be increased in people with coronary heart disease.

Beta Red

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London investigated whether a daily beetroot juice high in inorganic nitrate (like Beta Red) would increase levels of nitric oxide, and whether this would impact inflammation. The results were impressive.

"Those who drank nitrate-rich beetroot juice had higher levels of markers of nitric oxide in their blood, urine, and saliva compared to those who consumed a low nitrate juice. They also had lower circulating levels of a type of white blood cell called the inflammatory monocyte, and the monocytes that remained in their blood became more anti-inflammatory.

The high nitrate juice also appeared to restore the function of the endothelium, the cells that line the inside of all blood vessels. The endothelium is crucial to keep blood vessels functioning normally, but this is lost in inflammation."

Dr Asad Shabbir, Clinical Research Fellow at Queen Mary University of London, involved this research, continued:

“Inflammation is vital to protect the body from injury and infection. However, in people with coronary heart disease persistent inflammation can exacerbate the furring of the arteries, making their condition worse and increasing their risk of a heart attack. Our research suggests that a daily glass of beetroot juice could be one way to get inorganic nitrate into our diet to help to interrupt harmful inflammation.”

Professor James Leiper, Medical Director, said:

“This research suggests that increasing the level of inorganic nitrate in your diet could help to reduce inflammation in your body. We know that inflammation plays an important role in the development and progression of cardiovascular diseases and therefore interventions that can dampen inflammation have potential as future treatments to tackle this.”

Beta Red contains Betaine, as well as other amino acids, in addition to freeze-dried beet juice powder. This amino acid was originally discovered in beets and has been shown to convert a chemical (homocysteine) harmful to the heart into a powerful antioxidant (L-methionine). In other words, betaine is cardio-protective – meaning it protects the heart.

At a time when athletes are going to great, and sometimes questionable, lengths to combat inflammation, it's nice to know something we are already using is protecting our cardiovascular systems from it.

We love Beta Red for helping us go further and faster, but it feels even better knowing a daily dose helps keep our hearts healthy at the same time. I can't think of another product with such a powerful one-two punch. 

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