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Our Story

As endurance athletes who push our bodies to perform their best, we continually search for healthy, more effective alternatives to commercial sports nutrition products.

We don’t just want products that taste better—without the candy bar-like ingredients, additives, and sugar—but products that actually allow us to perform better. 

Our founder, Brian Maslach, has spent years experimenting relentlessly with ingredients to help athletes perform their best. He began doing this while racing BMX as a youth and continued through college where he started mountain biking and road cycling. This led to a career developing sports nutrition products and a passion for endurance sports.

Taking what was learned from his work in the supplement industry, he kept tweaking recipes for what would eventually become Enduro Bites All-Natural Nutrition Bars. These were put to the test by training partners and other elite athletes here in Colorado. He wanted Enduro Bites to work as well for them under world-class training and competition conditions as they did for him.

After years of research, countless revisions, tweaking and testing based on feedback from professional athletes, Brian landed on the optimal combination of ingredients to support endurance performance. 

Each Enduro Bites ingredient is carefully chosen for a specific purpose and combined into a great-tasting, bite-sized food that’s easy to eat and digest while training and racing. We left out the fillers, added sugars, and all other unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients to create a real-food alternative to candy and granola bars masquerading as sports nutrition. 

The development of Beta Red Pre-Workout Formula followed a very similar path. We experimented extensively with countless ingredients to find those that have the greatest effect, and then spent just as much time tweaking the formula to get the optimal ratios based on research and real-world feedback from our athletes. The result is the most effective pre-workout product available for endurance athletes.


Brian has spent his career studying exercise science and sports nutrition. As a Senior Vice President of a supplement company developing award-winning nutritional supplements, Brian was exposed to new research, ideas, and ingredients whose sole purpose was improving performance. 

In addition to full-time work, Brian is a competitive masters athlete. He carves out time for training, be it 5am, 9pm, weekdays or weekends. Whenever and wherever. Like most endurance athletes you know, it’s more than a passion, it’s a lifestyle. 

With Enduro Bites, it’s now his business, too.

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