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24 Hours in Old Pueblo

By Amy Thomas

The team headed down for a retreat from wintery Colorado to this year's 17th Annual 24 hours in the Old Pueblo. We were in for a weekend of perfect weather with lots of sun, dry trails, and excitement you could feel as soon as you pulled into 24 Hour Town. 

While we weren't really sure how "racing" would feel after a lackluster winter of periodic crossfit classes, lots of indoor riding, and random ski days, we were pleasantly surprised to land on the podium with many other fast women.

We had a good start, leading the women's 4 person category until about midnight, when the Stan's NoTubes Junior Team turned it up a notch. Led by elite racer Sarah Kaufmann, her team of 3 junior girls took charge and never looked back. Their drive to be on the top step of the podium was telling of what's to come-- these girls were impressive and we were excited to watch them take the top honors for the weekend.

It was a flawless weekend of riding thanks to Yeti Cycles, Stan's Notubes, Optic Nerve, and of course Enduro Bites Beta Red. All of us drank the red magical juice before each lap and found that extra gear kicking in when needed. With the desert heat beating down us during our day laps, it felt like we had an extra layer of protection from dehydration. 2016 is off and running! 

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