Fresh, Small-Batch Nutrition for Better Health & Performance

Our Philosophy

Endurance Athlete Performance

We're athletes who train and compete and want the best performance possible out there (and some fun, too!)

Food shouldn't be hard, right? Just grab some stuff and go. But we bet you know how it feels to jump on a bike or hit the trail after a huge meal, a bunch of sugary or fatty foods or other stuff: Your body immediately tells you how wrong that slice of pizza or that candy bar was. They're called "gut bombs" for a reason.

For every product we put out there, we ask our fellow athletes and racers: Do you need it? Then we test. We spend countless late nights in our kitchen testing out different ingredients and flavors, and when we hit on something we like, we ask people just like you: Does it work?

And then to make sure we're living our product and walking the walk, we get out there ourselves. Not just talking to other athletes in a store, but riding with them, running with them (and okay, competing against them too!). Whether it's training or chasing a position on the podium, we do it too.

But the bottom line? Have some fun. We're inspired by anyone who gets up and gets out there. Whether it's a talented athlete or a first-timer—it's why we're in the kitchen with smiles on our faces. Because we know we'll be joining you out there just as soon as we're done!