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Because Who Doesn't Like Treats?

by Brian Maslach

We tend to be pretty serious about nutrition around here, but we still enjoy the occasional decadent treat (or two)! I view anyone who claims to not enjoy a little dietary indulging with suspicion -- either they binge on Twinkies in the closet or they're a pressure cooker about to explode!

As long as you're getting the necessary nutrients through quality, real food, and you're burning plenty of kilojoules through training, there's nothing wrong with indulging on occasion. With this in mind, we're making special batches of Beta Red Brownies and Beta Red Rice Crispy Treats using the recipes we re-posted last week to share with a few lucky customers. The truth is that I want some of each for myself, but I don't want to be tempted to eat all of them.

What's the catch? We're limiting this giveaway to those who order through over the next week. If you're interested, enter "brownie" or "rice crispy treats" in the note field when ordering between now and the end of next Friday. Purchases and your selected custom treat will ship Friday, June 7th.

Now I'm off to find something to snack on until we get these made!

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