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Beta Red Performance Formula Reviews

Today, several high-level athletes share why Beta Red’s potent blend of beet juice powder and key amino acids has become an essential part of their nutrition plan. 

Want to learn more? Be sure to check out our FAQs page on Beta Red. There, you’ll find out many customers comment that Beta Red tastes somewhat like hibiscus tea. Also, there’s a way to modify its use for cyclocross and triathlons. And, it might even give you a light tingling sensation on your skin.

Now on to the reviews...

Bottom line is I feel better prepared to race with Beta Red... Improved high-intensity output, lower perceived exertion and more endurance.  

- Cody Waite, Elite Coach and Professional Triathlete

Beta Red has traveled all around the world with me to races and events because it is the one thing that I know will give me the extra edge come race day. It is the easiest, most effective way to guarantee that I will be performing at an elevated level. My muscles feel ready for extended efforts, I worry less about arm pump on long descents, and I feel like it gives me the ability to break through lactate threshold barriers for anaerobic pushes on the bike. I can take it anywhere with me, which gives me the peace of mind of consistency when it comes to getting out of my comfort zone while racing. 

- Sarah Rawley, Professional Enduro Racer, Yeti Cycles

I've always loved beet juice for the health benefits, but my juicer is such a pain that I rarely made it myself. Beta Red makes consuming beets convenient, consistent and delicious for any race, anytime! And the amino acids in it give me a boost over drinking beet juice alone. I can definitely feel an improvement in my performance when I drink Beta Red. I honestly can't imagine racing cyclocross without it! 

- Tim Allen, US Single Speed Cyclocross National Champion

I have been training and racing with Beta Red for two seasons now and it is the best beet product I have used.  Before Beta Red I had bounced around between homemade beet juice, some bottled, and some powdered. I was always struggling to find the right combination of taste, consistency, performance, and ease of travel. Beta Red has all of the above, plus key amino acids to make it work even better. I use it on key hard interval training days as well as racing. It tastes great, is easy for me to stomach, and gives me a boost during hard efforts. The nice thing about a powder is I can travel with it and have the consistency of drinking the exact same thing I would during training at home. 

- Alex Grant, Professional Cyclist, Cannondale 360 FLY p/b Sugoi

I train with a power meter and I can hit my power numbers much easier after drinking Beta Red. On days when I’m tired and my motivation is lacking, drinking Beta Red helps me 'flip the switch' and push to the next level. There has been more than one race I have taken Beta Red part way through the race and it has definitely given me a noticeable push to finish strong. I also like that it mixes easily and tastes good since I struggle to eat before races. I use it before every race. 

- Natalie Raborn, Professional Cyclist, Team Yeti Beti 

As an amputee Ironman distance athlete, I deal with a number of challenges while training and racing. Beta Red allows me to start any training day like I've been shot out of a cannon and maintain a very constant level of intensity throughout the day ... making it sometimes difficult for my two legged friends to keep up. Plus, I've always struggled with heat – being an amputee athlete, this means I have even less surface area to help me stay cool – however, with Beta Red I'm able to hold a much higher level of intensity in the heat.

-  Nick Roumonada, Triathlete

Incorporating Beta Red into my mid-week interval training I could see an instantaneous improvement in aerobic efficiency. Super-threshold workouts still hurt, but became just a little bit easier. My threshold power ceiling increased. As an endurance athlete competing in multi-day races, the definitive proof came on my first 6 hour training ride in the local mountains after starting Beta Red. I gave my ride buddy a heads-up about my new nitrate supplement, and asked him to judge my performance. He didn't like what he saw. Beet doper became my new nickname. From my perspective, I could sustain higher watts for an increased period without perceived fatigue. It was like I found another gear! For improved athletic performance I cannot recommend Beta Red highly enough. It does what it says on the packet!

- Colin Stokes, Ultra Endurance Cyclist

I use Beta Red religiously one to two hours before a race. The tingly feeling from Beta alanine is part of my pre-race routine – it helps me know I’m ready to go. On the rare occasion I forget to drink it I’m not able to produce the same power – that little bit more to battle for the win.

- Rebecca Gross, United Stated and World Masters Cyclocross Champion

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