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Butternut and Acorn Squash Soup Recipe

This week, Emanuela Bandol (@emstersweet) returns with another quick and yummy recipe – Butternut and Acorn Squash Soup. This one took her less than 40 minutes to make (not including the time it took to roast the squash). If you missed it, also be sure to check out her beet root falafel balls & lettuce wrap recipe.


4 Squash
500 ml of broth (any broth)
1 onion
1 Tbs turmeric
1 Tbs cinnamon
1 Tbs cumin
1 tsp chili powder
Salt and pepper to taste
2 bay leaves
1 can coconut milk
3 Tbs Greek Yogurt
Handful of cashews
1 tsp lemon juice and lemon zest


1) Roast the squash at 350°F for 90 minutes (ride your bike trainer or go for a run while the squash roasts)

2) Sauté onions with spices in bottom of a pot for 4 minutes


3) Add broth

4) Cube squash and add it to the pot

5) Add bay leaves

6) Bring to boil and let it simmer for 2 minutes

7) Take the pot off the heat and then add coconut milk 

8) Purée in food processor to desired consistency. 

9 ) Plate and then top with Greek yogurt, cashews, cilantro, lemon zest and lemon juice

10 ) Enjoy!!!

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