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Coach Dee Monday Video Series: Release your Hip Flexors!

Welcome to the new video series from Coach Dee Tidwell featuring post-weekend recovery tips. Geared toward not only mountain bikers, but all athletes, these videos are being created exclusively for Enduro Bites fans. A new video will go live every Monday, so stay tuned. Up first, two myofascial hip flexor stretches.

The hip flexors (psoas/ iliacus) are typically tight because of our sitting-based lifestyle, AND if you’re a cyclist or mountain biker, they can get even more bound up due to the nature of our sport!

 Function - they can be flexors of the hip (duh!) as well as a trunk flexor and trunk side flexor. In a dysfunctional pattern, they can act as “abs” and create an anterior pelvis tilt of the pelvis contributing to glutes and abs that don’t work and lower back pain and tightness.

So staying after the hip flexors is crucial to life and sport!

Second - the upper groin aka Adductor Longus also has a function of hip flexion and adduction (bringing the leg toward the other), and can get beat up from sitting.

So try these two stretches both at the beginning and end of the day to help your pelvis work better!

About Dee Tidwell:
Dee Tidwell is the coach of choice for the Yeti/Fox Factory Race Team. He is also the owner of Enduro MBT Training, based in Denver, CO. EMT’s comprehensive cycling approach to soft tissue therapy and performance training programs fosters an environment of success, winning, and athlete longevity.

Coach Dee applies the techniques and principles he teaches to his own racing career. In 2014, Dee won the overall championship of the 40+ division in the Big Mountain Enduro Series. In 2015, he took 2nd overall and he placed 3rd in 2016! #thisstuffworks

Check out coach Dee's comprehensive training program for more info, and a downloadable 6-month fitness program that will help you step up your mountain biking, cycling and other activities this season! 

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