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FAQ: Beta Red Pre-Workout Endurance Formula

As we get closer to summer, more of us will be doing harder workouts and races. Since Beta Red Pre-Workout was designed to maximize performance in these high-intensity efforts, we put together this FAQ based on conversations with athletes who were considering it, as well as those who recently began using it.

We've put together the following FAQ based on these conversations to help endurance athletes better understand how to get best results with Beta Red.

What is Beta Red Pre-Workout Endurance Formula?

Beta Red is a potent blend of beet juice powder and key synergistic amino acids (Beta alanine, Citrulline malate, and Betaine) designed to boost performance when consumed prior to endurance training and competition.

What does it do?

The ingredients in Beta Red have been shown to promote increased aerobic and anaerobic efficiency - allowing users to produce more power for a given quantity of oxygen. This helps athletes get more out of their training and go faster when competing.

Who is it for?

Beta Red was developed for endurance athletes, although it will benefit anyone in need of greater aerobic and anaerobic efficiency.

While Beta Red works well at all elevations, it's notable for it’s effect while training and racing at higher elevation where oxygen isn’t as plentiful. At any elevation, it allows athletes to "burn more matches,” meaning they’ll be able to produce greater repeated, higher-quality efforts during a workout or race. This benefit becomes more pronounced as one goes higher.

How do I use it?

Drink 1 to 2 servings 90 minutes prior to training and racing. For events longer than 2.5 hours, additional doses may be consumed during the event. Beta Red can be mixed with a traditional carbohydrate/electrolyte formula for consumption during prolonged training and racing. For such events, we recommend a serving for every additional 2 hours of activity.

For your most important races, it's a good idea to drink at least 1 serving of Beta Red daily beginning 3 to 5 days prior to competition to maximize your nitrate level.

How can I tell if it's working? What should I feel?

You may feel a tingling sensation on your skin (known as parashesia) within 30 minutes of consuming Beta Red. This is a harmless nervous system response to one of Beta Red's ingredients (Beta alanine). If this irritates you, consuming Beta Red with carbohydrate-rich foods will lessen the effect. While rare, in cases of extreme sensitivity the dose should be lessened.

Many users don't feel any different after drinking Beta Red, however. You'll still suffer when giving maximum effort, but you'll produce more power while doing so. The famous Greg Lemond quote, "It doesn't get any easier, you just get faster" applies here.

Does it contain any banned substances?

Absolutely not! Beta Red is free of banned substances, as well as artificial flavor, colors, and sweeteners. It is all natural and non-GMO.

Does it contain stimulants and can I consume it along with coffee?

Beta Red doesn't contain caffeine or other CNS stimulants, and there is no problem consuming it along with coffee. In fact, some users who are sensitive to caffeine have reported that they tolerate it better while using Beta Red.

One word of caution, however. The amino acid blend in Beta Red may give some a slight rush, so experiment with consuming it prior to bed before you have an important race the next day. Heightened anxiety due to pre-race jitters may cause a slight rush that you wouldn't normally think much about to suddenly keep one from falling asleep. 

What does it taste like?

Beta Red comes in 2 flavors: Clean Beet and Orange. Clean Beet flavor is just that -- the taste of beets without the dirt! We regularly have customer comment that it tastes a bit like hibiscus tea. Beta Red Orange has a subtle and refreshing citrus flavor. Both flavors are light and easy to drink.

While Beta Red works great for all endurance athletes, we developed the following recommendations with feedback from elite athletes to maximize results in specific events. Since these disciplines require very different physical efforts for success, the recommendations for each differ. 

MTB Enduro Racing Pro Tip: This can be a little tricky since Enduros vary significantly. Most require pedaling up a significant climb to reach the first times section while others either shuttle riders or have chairlift access. The key is to consume Beta Red approximately 90 minutes before your first hard effort. Since stages often occur over the course of a day, drink another 1-2 servings every 2.5 to 3 hours.

MTB XC / Cyclocross / Criterium / 20k Run Pro Tip: Since starts are crucial to these events, take 1-2 servings 2 hours before your race, and then have another serving approximately 30 minutes before starting. Load a minimum of 1 dose per day the 2 days prior to priority races.

Road Race / MTB Marathon XC / Ironman and Half Ironman Distance Triathlon / Marathon Run Pro Tip: Load a minimum of 3 days prior to race at 2 doses per day to maximize saturation and effect over race distance. For maximal effect, consume an additional dose every 2.5 to 3 hours during the event, mixed with your normal carb/electrolyte formula. Beta Red is very easy on the stomach and well tolerated during running, but as always test it in training prior to using it for a race.

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