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High and Dry

by Alex Grant

I've spent seventeen winters in Utah and this has been by far the mildest and driest I can remember. There is a serious lack of snow in the Wasatch Mountains. When I moved here I was so focused on snowboarding that I would have been in deep depression had I experienced a winter like this. Now, however, I'm so bike focused that I've been enjoying early-season training in warm(er) temps and dry roads and trails. I know we are in a drought and in dire need of moisture, but since I can’t change the weather I've been making the most of it and enjoying some awesome riding.

One of these rides was on Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake a few weekends ago. Incredible views - including an abundance of bison which graze close to trails. It's pretty cool to ride right next them. The cafe on the island that serves great post-ride Bison Burgers was closed, so I have a good reason to go back once it re-opens this spring. Thankfully I had extra Enduro Bites to keep me going.

Usually Antelope Island is about the only place you can find dry dirt around here in the winter, but due to the lack of moisture our foothill trails clear as well. We enjoyed April-like conditions in January and February, doing three-hour mountain-bike rides in shorts and a jersey without encountering mud.

Yeah, it's been dry winter here in Utah.

Yeah, it's been dry winter here in Utah.

It’s a good thing I was able to ride as much as I did early in the year since race season has already begun. I'm extra focused on the US Cups in Bonelli and Fontana this month since Sammi and I are expecting a baby in April! Once this happens all bets for riding and racing are off for at least a month.

Thanks for reading.

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