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#OptOutside with Enduro Bites Founder Brian Maslach

By Brian Maslach

I haven’t been mountain biking as much as I’d like lately, due to a myriad of factors that have made road riding more convenient.  I plan to get out on some of my favorite Colorado Springs trails in and around Cheyenne Cañon for 4 or so hours of riding that’s sure to put a smile on my face and fatigue in my body. I’m sure it will make a big plate of turkey, stuffing, and gravy afterward all the more satisfying.

We should have a strong group of riders to keep me working hard and on my toes. Besides great trails and awesome scenery, one of the great things about living on the Colorado Front Range is that there’s no shortage of strong endurance athletes to keep one from slacking. Someone recently joked that some of our group rides look like the cover of VeloNews, which is pretty cool and definitely makes such rides harder than my solo interval workouts.

Now that you know what I’ll be doing, I’d love to hear your plans. Whether it’s a casual hike with the family or an all-day epic adventure, I’m always interested in what our followers are doing.

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