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How We Make Enduro Bites

We invited one of our favorite photographers, Thomas Woodson, into our kitchen as we were making a batch of Enduro Bites Fig and Dark Chocolate bars to capture a few images of the fresh ingredients we use and our overall process ... images we want to share with you!

Step number one... mix all dry ingredients including organic 70%-cocoa-mass dark chocolate.

Then we add the wet ingredients – including virgin coconut oil, organic rice syrup, and raw and unfiltered honey. We use honey because it has a less dramatic effect on blood sugar than other carbohydrate sources, and properly managing blood sugar is the key to sustaining your energy level and not bonking (Learn more here). Our honey locally sourced here in Colorado.

Finally, we mix in California-grown Adriatic fig. Be sure to check out our post on why figs are a sports nutrition staple.

Once everything is mixed, it looks and tastes a bit like chocolate chip cookie dough.

We then press the dough into pans and bake just long enough for everything to gel. Technically, we could label Enduro Bites as being raw, but this would be disingenuous as they, like most “raw” nutrition bars, are actually lightly baked.

When selecting ingredients we were careful to avoid the eight most common allergens and pick options that are easy to digest.

Since we make them daily, Enduro Bites are the freshest bars available and you can taste the difference. We take pride in shipping each order fresh directly from our kitchen. Other products are engineered to stay on store shelves for up to 2 years and as a result, they are typically dry and bland. Conversely, we recommend refrigerating or freezing Enduro Bites to maintain their fresh-made taste if you don’t plan on eating them within a couple weeks of purchase.

We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look into Enduro Bites. We’ll leave you with these few final images of filled cartons going into shipping boxes directly from our production line.


To see more of Thomas’ work, check out


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