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Pikes Peak Marathon & Ascent

This past weekend we once again participated in the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon Expo. Besides being just a few miles from our kitchen, this race holds a special place as Enduro Bites has attended it longer than any other event.

I also have enormous respect for the athletes who come from around the world to run Pikes Peak. I've done the Ascent and can't imagine how hard it would be turn around and run 13.32 miles downhill to the finish. Most people don't realize that strong mountain runners train as seriously to withstand the downhill as they do to run uphill.

Pikes Peak Ascent 2018

Despite a little nasty weather that did a number on my car, and the threat of more which forced a shortening of the Ascent, it was great to connect with friends made in years past, as well as to make new ones.


The ATRA Crew

There were also record-setting performances by the winning men's and women's marathon winners. Here's Megan Kimmel's record-breaking finish. Amazing. 

It's difficult for many athletes to consume solid food while running, so I love seeing them have success with Enduro Bites. The extreme elevation on Pikes Peak is also a great opportunity to showcase Beta Red Pre-Workout Formula. It's gratifying to help competitors have a better experience by turning them onto what many endurance athletes refer to as 'legal doping.'

Thank you to all who came by our booth to say 'hello' and congratulations to all finishers!


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