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Q&A with Holland Cycles

Holland Cycles from Holland Cycles on Vimeo.

Welcome to another installment in our series featuring the small retail shops that carry Enduro Bites. Today we meet Holland Cycles in San Diego, where finely crafted custom carbon and titanium bikes come to life. If you missed out, also be sure to check out our Q&A with Revolution Bike Shop.

Who are the owners and/or managers of your store? Tell us a bit about them.

Bill Holland and Charles Wells are the partners in Holland Cycles. Bill Holland has been building custom frames for 42 years. Charles Wells came on board as a part owner in 2010. Previously, Charles had built wheels for Bill Holland over many years and still does all the custom wheel builds for Holland.  Cody Stevenson was hired in 2011 as the manager of the showroom and the lead custom fitting technician.  We also have Mike Mueller, James Berry and Shannon Wimberly as part of our team.

Bill and Charles of Holland Cycles

Bill and Charles of Holland Cycles

How do your customers describe your store?

As a showroom for our custom Carbon and Titanium frames. We often hear descriptions of our store being clean and clinical.

Holland Cycles

What is the focus of your store? ie Road, Tri, Mtb etc…

We primarily build custom road bikes, including our newly released USA made carbon frame, the HC.  Recently, we have also been building more gravel specific bikes with thru axle, discs and clearance for 40mm tires.

Holland Carbon HC

The Holland Cycles Carbon HC

Why did you decide to start carrying Enduro Bites?

As a custom frame builder, we only sell what we use. Enduro Bites are a great source of nutrition and complement our want for simple, well-thought-out products that work.

What’s the best part of running a shop?

Being able to see the joy that a client exudes when they receive his or her custom bike and the feeling of being able to truly look after our customers.

What’s the most challenging aspect?

Bringing all the details together for a great customer experience and being conscientious with every aspect of the process.

How do you get involved with your local community?

We have a group that does weekend rides here in San Diego and we are big supporters of the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

What’s the most interesting or surprising trend going on in the bike industry right now? 

Where do we begin?  There is so much that is evolving, from products and components to fitting services, wheel technology, and material advancements, but for us it would be disc brakes on road bikes, the evolution of our fully custom, in-house, USA-made carbon bike and the gravel bike market. 

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