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Q&A with Tribella – a women’s specific cycling shop in Denver!

Tribella cycling shop

As part of our continuing series on Enduro Bites’ retail stores, today we sit down for a Q&A with TriBella. Located in Denver, Colorado, this triathlon and road bike shop focuses on the needs of female athletes – a rarity in the cycling industry. Learn more about how the wife-and-husband team behind the business plans to not only survive but also thrive in an era when many brick-and-mortar stores are shutting their doors.

  • Who are the owners and/or managers of your store? Tell us a bit about them. 

TriBella is owned by James and Liz Sharpe. James is the head mechanic and service manager, while Liz manages the rest of the daily operations. 

  • How do your customers describe your store? 

TriBella stands out from other bike shops because it doesn't look like a typical bike shop. In fact, we created it to be the antithesis of most other shops because we put women first, which is a rarity in the cycling industry. With its wood floors and clean aesthetic, TriBella is a comfortable, welcoming environment where women feel at ease when shopping for a bike, gear, or advice.

tribella cycling shop

  • What is the focus of your store? ie Road, Tri, Mtb etc… 

We are skinny tire only with a focus on triathlon and road.  

  • Why did you decide to start carrying Enduro Bites? 

We aim to support local companies who make quality product first and foremost. It was an added bonus that Enduro Bites serve as an ideal food for training and racing. Our customers love it!

  • What’s the best part of running a shop? 

The customers! Over the past seven years we have grown close with so many of our customers, many who we now consider amazing friends. We enjoy seeing our customers grow both personally and athletically and really feel like we are on their journey too.  

  • What’s the most challenging aspect? 

As owner/operators, we spend a lot of hours at the shop. It's certainly rewarding to run a successful business, but it's also a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. It's particularly tough on beautiful sunny days that are perfect for riding!

  • How do you get involved with your local community? 

We partner with several triathlon clubs throughout the Denver metro area and also host our own women's only event each June, the TriBella Women's Triathlon. It's a great opportunity to support and encourage many first-time triathletes. 

tribella cycling shop

  • What’s the most interesting or surprising trend going on in the bike industry right now?

The bike industry is always evolving but over the past few years the number of shops across the country has declined, and most likely this will continue. With online price wars happening on parts, components, and gear, we believe shops that do not anticipate change and evolve will go away. Service will become the saving grace for many shops, because you can't get your bike fixed online!


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