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Race Day Guide to Using Enduro Bites Products

Nailing race day nutrition can mean the difference between the podium and a DNF. Most nutritionists prescribe a minimum of 200 to 300 calories per hour of exercise, but everyone has unique needs. The most important thing is to experiment with food ... ahead of time. You don’t want to find out that carbohydrate drink doesn’t sit well in your stomach on race day.

We recommend keeping a log of what you eat on a long, hard training day, so you can go back and figure out how many calories you consumed, how much protein you needed, what tasted good at hour 9, etc. The easiest way to track this is just to save your wrappers. You can then use this info as a guideline when planning your race day nutrition.

With that in mind, here are our recommendations for consuming Enduro Bites and Beta Red. Use these as a starting point as you determine what works best for you:


Beta Red:

  • Drink 1 to 2 servings of Beta Red 90 minutes prior to training and racing
  • For events longer than 3 hours, drink additional doses of Beta Red every 2 hours
  • Beta Red can be mixed with a carbohydrate/electrolyte formula for use while training and competing 
  • For 70.3 and longer triathlons, load as normal (minimum 3 days prior to events at 1-2 servings/day, including race day) and begin drinking at swim/run transition 
  • For cyclocross and sprint-distance events, consume 1 serving 90 minutes prior and another at 30 minutes prior to racing

    Enduro Bites:

    • If you haven't eaten recently, consume 1 to 2 Enduro Bites squares 10 to 15 minutes pre-workout / pre-race
    • Eat a 100-calorie square every 20 to 30 minutes during activity (including warm-up) lasting over an hour

      Tips from the experts:

      After years of tinkering with nutrition, both the type and timing, I’ve dialed in a routine. Two hours before a race I drink a cup of coffee with one Enduro Bite (100 calories). Then, 1 hour before the start, I drink a bottle of Beta Red (1.5 scoops in 16 ounces of water) and eat another Enduro Bite.

      • Tim Allen, Singlespeed Cyclocross National Champion

        In a race like the Pikes Peak Ascent & Marathon, where I am close to max effort the entire race and burning calories like a wildfire, I want high-quality, natural, caloric-rich, great tasting fuel. Since beer is not a socially acceptable pre-race fuel, I choose Enduro Bites.

        Enduro Bites are calorie rich (100 calories per square), made from ingredients I really like (Adriatic figs, raw and unfiltered honey, espresso beans, cranberries) and they use my preferred source of fat (virgin coconut oil). 

        • Peter Maksimow, professional mountain runner

          I use Beta Red religiously one to two hours before a race. The tingly feeling from it is part of my pre-race routine – it helps get me in the zone and know I’m ready to go.

          • Rebecca Gross, United Stated and World Masters Cyclocross Champion



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            • Ron Feigen


              I am trying to figure out how to fix the Fig and Chocolate bars into my long ride route. I typically tale 2/3 complex carbs and 1/3 simple carbs. It looks to me that these are pretty much 100% simple carbs? Is that correct?



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