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The "Finsty" Recovery Smoothie

By Russell Finsterwald

Summer is around the corner, which means the weather should soon be ideal for plenty of long, hard rides. After a hard day in the saddle it’s important to consume carbohydrates and protein soon after finishing to take advantage of the “glycogen replenishment window.” This is especially important when you have back-to-back days of high-intensity workouts or races on your schedule.

Since the last thing I want to do is prepare an elaborate meal right after training, I’ve come up with this quick and easy recovery smoothie recipe. This is my go-to recipe following a 3-hour training session with intervals. I’ll tweak the specifics based on the day’s training intensity and duration, as well as whether I’m getting enough calories to perform optimally.

¼ cup almond milk (adjust to reach desired thickness)

1-2 Enduro Bites Fig and Dark Chocolate

2 medium bananas

8-10 ice cubes. (Substitute with frozen coconut water for additional flavor.)

1-2 teaspoons peanut butter

1 serving Osmo Acute Recovery

¼ cup yogurt

dash of cinnamon

Simply add all ingredients to a powerful blender and blend. That’s all there is to it!

This makes a nice, cool treat after a hard workout, and the Enduro Bites give added texture and an extra-tasty flavor.

As mentioned, I’ll adjust the ingredients based on how I’m feeling. If more calories and carbohydrates are needed, I’ll add ¼ cup pre-cooked white rice.



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