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Go Big or Go Home!

The Tour de France is once again upon us. While I don’t watch the race as religiously as I once did (the hype, doping scandals, and related politics have soured me), I’m still fascinated by the big climbing stages. Undoubtedly, this is because I love getting out with friends and riding in the mountains. It's what initially drew me to Colorado.

I recently checked off one big ride close to home that I've been wanting to do for a few years. Starting in Breckenridge, we rode: Swan Mountain, Loveland Pass, Guanella Pass, Kenosha Pass, Hoosier Pass, and back to Breckenridge. All told it was 115 miles with 11,000 feet gain. Check out the full route on Strava. This was my biggest day on the bike this year. Thankfully there was a solid crew of Summit County riders to lead the way and help with pulls at the front across the flatter sections.

In celebration of Le Tour we're giving away a sweet Beta Red / Enduro Bites prize package to one lucky winner selected from those who tell us about their favorite big ride. It can be on pavement, dirt, or mixed terrain. Go to our  Facebook post referencing this and tell us the route and why you love it to get registered. Pictures will score you bonus points!

Atop the first big climb of the day -- Loveland Pass

Cruising through the real South Park. We never found Cartman.

What's left of the crew on Hosier Pass Summit. All downhill to Breck from here!

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