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Recovery Protein in Action - Simple Recipes for Active People & Active Kids

By Daniel Matheny

One of the primary reasons I've been an early consumer and a long term ambassador of Enduro Bites product is their commitment to simple and essential ingredients. AND I'm lucky enough to live near the kitchen where they are produced in Colorado Springs and be able to have first-hand interaction with Brian, Enduro Bites founder. Between my wife being a Functional Nutritional Therapy Provider and me a semi-self-proclaimed foodie we aren't shy with our scrutiny over ingredients.  If you saw the text thread between Brian and I digging into the details of any particular ingredient on a product, you'd know it's important to all of us involved what we put in our bodies as well as how passionate Brian is about the quality the Enduro Bites products.

All of this has not only led me to using Recovery Protein, but also my kids of 2 and 5 years old have started partaking. This was not because I was forcing it, but because they saw me adding it to some of my foods and they wanted to try. 

Trust me as I tackle the seriousness of 2 points here: 1) sports nutrition abuse and 2) kids' palate acceptance.

First as an athlete, coach, and event director I have a lot of sports nutrition products around in all forms, including drinks, gels, bars, gummies, powders, pills, etc., and in all places like the garage, accessible within the house, at my office, and so on. This way I can pull off personal training, camps, help run events, etc. and have products within reach. My kids and family see this and it's often a battle of "dad I want a bar" when they are hungry or "that powder smells fruity; can I have some?"  Some of the toughest battles used to be with my wife as she had a weakness for the gummies until a caffeinated version kept her fidgety late one evening.

Anyway, I don't want my kids choosing (and abusing) sports nutrition products when real food should be their primary nourishment, and trust me, many food companies marketing for kids isn't much better, if not worse, than some of the sports nutrition products (another rant altogether). As I've disclosed before, the real ingredients in Enduro Bites specifically allowed me the freedom to let them have them when we hike or ride bikes.

Second, any parent knows that food can transition through various periods of food acceptance, so when they opt in for nutritious things we'll take it as parents!  And my kids CHOSE to have Recovery Protein as well as Enduro Bite bars on their own and, I think important to note, not by masking or hiding it.

I'll be sharing a handful of my favorite recipes over the upcoming weeks. They are super simple by design as the intent is not have have look them up or for them to be perfect. Feel free to use each as a starting point to creating your own recipe.

Here are the first two!

Recovery Yogurt

My daughters LOVE this because we don't buy sweetened yogurt (which is loaded with refined sugar or artificial sweeteners). This recipe is a treat since the vanilla and slight sweetness from Recovery Protein bring the enjoyment factor up a few notches.


  • One bowl of yogurt of your choice; we use Forager non-dairy or homemade from our raw milk share; (I recommend a high-quality, grass-fed whole milk version if you go with dairy)
  • 1-2 scoops Recovery Protein (depending on your yogurt portion size)
  • Optional: granola, berries, honey and/or maple syrup


  • Whisk yogurt and Recovery Protein together. I use a mini-aero frother if yogurt is more liquidly. If you use a thicker greek-style yogurt you may want to pulse in a blender.
  • Add granola and berries, or for a bit more satiety as a breakfast or snack, add honey/maple syrup, especially if you're trying to increase your glycogen replenishment post session.

Recovery Protein Milk & Granola

This "recipe" is so simple that I don't even think of it as one, but nonetheless it's a staple in our house. 

Again, simplicity is the key here and adding Recovery Protein to the milk adds sweetness as we typically buy lower-sugar cereals.

  • 1 scoop Recovery Protein
  • 6-8 ounces milk (dairy or a non-dairy alternative)
  • Optional: fresh berries, raisins, cranberries, or hemp hearts


  • Combine milk and Recovery Protein in shaker bottle and shake to incorporate; will be a bit frothy or bubbly. 
  • Poor over you favorite granola or muesli.
  • Spruce up with fresh berries, raisins, cranberries, or hemp hearts.

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